To provide highly professional and personalised service using manual treatment methods to help restore balance to the body and optimise functionality.

Remember what it felt like when your body just used to work? Miss that feeling?  Then read on to find out how Osteopathy may be able help you get back to your normal, healthy self.  

Welcome to Manual Medicine. My name is Nick Beram. I am a registered Osteopath, proprietor and sole practitioner of Manual Medicine. Conveniently located in Crows Nest on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, my private osteopathy clinic has been providing highly professional and personalised treatment for pain management for over 10 years.

Osteopathy is a unique practice which centres on the philosophy that the human body has a natural capacity for self regulating and self healing. The many components of the human body all work together as a collaborative system so rather than treating your specific symptoms in isolation, I look at your complaint in a holistic sense, together with the rest of your body and in the context of how you live your life.

Using skilled evaluation, diagnosis and a wide range of manual techniques focused on the musculoskeletal system, I aim to identify the cause of your condition, provide relief from pain and ultimately give the body the best opportunity to rehabilitate and heal itself through its own biomechanical functions.

Techniques including massage, stretching, the mobilisation of specific joints, soft tissues and nerves, joint manipulation, ultrasound and Active Release Techniques (ART) may be utilised to help re-establish normal structure and function to the tissues, establish optimal mobility, stabilise blood and lymph flow and promote and enhance nerve function.

I treat people of all ages from all walks of life so no matter what your complaint, if you are experiencing any kind of pain and discomfort, contact me today to discuss how osteopathy may be able to help you get back to your normal, healthy self.


We commonly treat people experiencing: