Welcome to the new Manual Medicine web site.  I am committed to providing you with the highest quality treatment and believe that together we can forge a partnership that will help ensure you remain as healthy and mobile as possible.

My general philosophy is that each individual is unique.  From the structure of our bodies to the way we live our lives.  Similarly, the need for osteopathic treatment arises for very different reasons.  With this in mind, I will customise your treatment to ensure it is specific to your needs.

It is my intention to do whatever I can to facilitate you achieving your health goals.  I will share with you my Osteopathic expertise, offer you advice, recommend exercises and from time to time may provide you with further information or reading that can enhance your understanding of how your body works.  To ensure that our time together is as beneficial for you as possible you will need to take responsibility for working towards the healthy lifestyle that is so important to your ongoing wellbeing.